I am Mike and I own, manage, and write all content for Thank my Feet.

about thank my feet

I’m very passionate about shoes of all types and also carry very active lifestyles that center around sports and fitness, full-time work during weekdays and dancing social events on weekends.

My fondness for footwear has definitely come handy at the time of selecting the best shoes for each of our particular day-to-day activities.

The knowledge I have accumulated about shoes over the years has allowed me to discern the best shoes alternatives to use for work, formal occasions, salsa dancing, jazz dancing, gym, running, walking, bike, and many more.

Throughout the years, it has been very common to have friends, family and acquaintances reach to me to get my advice on specific shoe models or to help them pick the right pair for them.

Quickly the word spread out within my social circles and I became known as the “shoe experts”, much to my amusement. But this situation made me realize that there are plenty of people out there who were in the dark when buying footwear, which is not ideal at all.

Buying the wrong pair of shoes can end up costing you money, social embarrassment, and even health (especially if you get the wrong shoes for activities such as running and dancing).

For these reasons, I decided to start peoplesmotorcade.com, to help all those of you out there who would like to make a more educated purchase the next time you decide to buy some shoes.

How to use this site?

I have this site organized by categories so you can easily find info on the type of shoe you want to know more about. Basically, the content you’ll find here I’ll be distributed among 3 main topics:

– Specific shoe models reviews and comparisons: on these articles, I’ll either focus one shoe model and review it as thoroughly as possible, or make a comparison between several models so that you can distinguish the most relevant features of each.

– Buying guides: I’ll show you the different aspects you need to take into account when purchasing a specific type of shoe.

– Foot Health products reviews: Making feet beautiful is a process that involves more than shoes, so I’ll also discuss and review products that will help to keep your feet healthy and fresh.

– General articles: here I will cover topics such as upcoming shoes models, curious facts about shoes and I’ll also touch the very relevant topic of feet health, which I believe is something important to grasp at least at a basic level as it will help you understand a lot more about how to pick the right shoes for you.

If you want to first get acquainted about general aspects that one needs to take into account when buying shoes, I’d suggest first browse through some of the buying guides and general articles. But if you are in a rush and need to get a pair of shoes as soon as possible either for you or someone else, then you can jump right straight to the reviews and comparisons articles. Even though these articles won’t give you the whole picture about broad aspects related to a shoe category, they will definitely put you in a position that will allow you to make an informed decision about specific models as quickly as possible.

Without further ado, I invite you to start browsing through the site and start discovering the hidden depths of the world of shoes. As it was the case with me, I am sure you’ll be amazed to discover how much there is to know about them than you originally thought.